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July 30, 2011
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Tyler was sick of everything

     Each day was just the same average, nothing special, day from when he woke up to when he went to sleep.
Today wasn't any different as he woke up he once again marked his calendar, opened his door and ran to the bathroom before his little sister Erie would lock herself in, taking hours just to get ready for school.

     "No fair Tyler" Erie yelled as she banged on the door trying to get him to open it.

     I'll be out in 20 minutes so stop complaining!" Tyler yelled back as he opened the medicine cabinet for the toothpaste. "and so begins another boring day in Phoenix" Tyler mumbled to himself as he finished brushing and turned the shower on, letting the water heat up.
     I'm telling dad!" he heard Erie yell as she stormed off to wake up their parents.  He sighed and after a minute he peeled of his pajamas and stepped into the shower.

     "AHH THAT'S FREAKIN COLD!!!" he yelled as he jumped back out dripping cold water on to the floor. "just great, dad must have forgot to fix the water heater. Looks like I'm starting this dull day with a cold shower." He sighed and stepped in cringing at the cold water dropping onto him. After five minutes of the chilling shower he deemed it enough, got out, and began to dry himself off.

     "Just once I would like something special to happen to me. No broken bones, no running to the bathroom, or STUPID COLD SHOWERS" He yelled again as he walked out the bathroom, down the hall, and through his bedroom door to get dressed for school. He opened the door to his closet and pulled out his favorite t-shirt and pants. His uncle Ryan had given to him on his last birthday and he still couldn't believe how lucky he was his uncle knew he had wanted these. On the shirt, there was a werewolf meditating under a large moon located on the top right part of the shirt and on the pants there was a fur lining on each pant leg as if fur was bursting out of them. He chuckled and quickly put them on so that he wouldn't be late again for class. As he finished up and left his room he walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock on the kitchen wall.

     "it's barely 7:30?! Wow maybe I'll actually make it class on time today." he laughed and went back to his room. After finding his flash drive He booted his old laptop and waited for it to load. As he waited, he thought again why everything had to be so boring. "everyday all I do is wake up, go to school, come home, do homework and baby-sit that brat!" he said while rubbing his head.

     "I HEARD THAT" Erie said causing Tyler to almost fall out of his chair. He turned around and saw her standing in his room, door cracked slightly open, because she would always sneak up on him to scare him.  

     "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT COMING IN HERE!!!"  He yelled but before he got up to kick her out his dad opened the door, walked in with his classic 'yell one more time and you're dead face' so Tyler just sat back down, waiting for him and his sister to leave. He didn't hate his dad but he got tired of Erie always getting her way. "I'm getting tired of" but before he finished he was brought back to earth by the welcome voice of his laptop.

     "Finally!" he groaned as he logged in. he stopped and looked back at his doorway to see his dad gone but his sister Erie still standing there with a weird look on her face.  He sighed and turned back to his computer. "What do you want Erie?" he said while plugging in his flashdrive.

      "Tyler… why do you hate me?" she said quietly. This caused Tyler to quickly turn around and look at her. He sighed and thought about how many times he had yelled at her just this morning.

      "I don't hate you Erie it's just that… I just wish something interesting would once happen to me. I guess I kind of been putting all this on you, but don't EVER think that I hate you." he said to her softly.

      "Ok Tyler" she said slowly before giving him one of her famous suffocating hugs.

      "Can't… Breath!" Tyler managed to choke out causing Erie to let him go quickly.

      "Sorry Tyler!" she said quickly before laughing a little.

      "you know for a twelve year  old girl, your pretty strong" He said after being able to breath again.

       "OH!" Erie cried before running out of the room and returning a moment later with something in her hand. "I found this yesterday and I thought you might like it." she opened her palm revealing a very sharp fang that immediately got Tyler's attention.

       "WOAH! Where did you find this" he yelled after taking the fang out of his sisters hand.

       "I found it yesterday when you walked me to school. It was wrapped in some weird paper. I was going to give it to you then… but you were in your I hate everything mood again" she said with a small smile.

       "like I said I been wanting something interesting to happen." he replied with a little laugh. "Thank you Erie this is perfect!" He then sat back down and opened up his files. "Do you want to see that pic I found yesterday?" Tyler said as he saw Erie about to leave.

       "YOU DON"T HAVE TO ASK ME TWICE!" she exclaimed

       "KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!" their dad yelled from his room. They both looked at each other before laughing quietly while a Tyler loaded his pictures. Tyler didn't know why but he had always been fascinated by werewolves. He had always collected anything that was in relation to them. Pictures, fake tails, ears, claws, videos, anything that was or slightly related to werewolves was in his possession. He had shown Erie many of the things he had collected growing up and unintentionally drawn her into his fascination as well. They always talked about what it would be like to be a werewolf. To run under the light of the full moon and to be able to howl just like a real wolf. After his junk of a laptop finally opened his pictures, he showed her his newest addition to his collection. It was of two werewolves, one young and older, running through a forest with the full moon high in the sky. The older werewolf had greyish-silver fur and had one black tipped ear with yellow eyes. He was also wearing a necklace with a single fang hanging from it. The younger wolf was noticeably female and had pure white fur almost blinding with the moonlight. She was also wearing a small necklace with a locket and there was the image of a full moon on it. As he looked the picture over he noticed to odd things. One, the fang looked almost exactly like the fang his sister had just given him and two, he had given her a locket on her tenth birthday with the exact same image of the one in the picture. In fact, she was wearing it now since she rarely took it off if she didn't have to. Freaked out by the similarities he quickly closed the window and shut the computer down.

       "Hey I didn't get to see it that long!" she said before punching him in the arm.

       "I'm sorry I just remembered… I have to finish some homework!" He replied quickly hoping she hadn't seen what he had saw and was putting two and two together.

       "awwww, why do you always do it at the last minute." she muttered before storming out of the room. After she left he opened his hand and looked at the fang and giving a half grin.

       "maybe today will be interesting." he thought to himself before putting the fang in the drawer underneath his computer.

*8 hours later*

       "Man, maybe I should actually start doing my homework AT home now." once again Tyler's grades were slipping, due to his lack of concentration and procrastination. He would always skim by with a C, but it always got his dad angry when he had anything lower than a C-. Before he could sneak into his room, he was stopped in the hall by his dad who had a serious look on his face.

"Tyler, I just got off the phone with your math teacher Mrs. Rain. Why do you have an F in her class" his father said maliciously while tapping his right foot.

"damn" Tyler thought. The tapping foot wasn't a good thing. The tapping foot always meant 'It's time for me to yell and take your laptop again.'  As Tyler thought of what he could say do and still stay internet savvy he came up with and stupid idea that he couldn't get out of his mind.

"well dad the teacher…" before he finished he quickly turned around and dashed into his room shutting the door and locking it. He knew this wouldn't hold his dad off for long so he grabbed his desk chair and jammed it under the doorknob. Not long after that he heard his dad start banging on the door and jiggling the handle.

"OPEN THE DAMN DOOR TYLER!" His dad yelled, causing Tyler to stare and sit down wonder why he had done that. After about 15 minutes all the noise stopped, making Tyler guess his dad had left.

"well… I'm definitely dead if I leave my room now" He said before sighing and sitting on his bed. "why did I even do that? I've never done something that stupid before." after thinking for awhile longer he thought about the present Erie had given him.

"well I might as well look at that fang again since I'm stuck in here." He got up and went over to his desk, opened the drawer and picked up the fang. Or at least tried to before yelling and pulling his hand back noticing he had a large puncture in the middle of his palm.

"AHH DAMN THAT HURT" He yelled as he pulled out the cause of the cut. The fang had been facing upwards when he had tried to grab it out and as a result he was now seeing blood drip across his palm.

"FOR CRYING OUT LOU… what the?" he said as he watched the blood in his hand stop flowing. He watched, wide eyed, the gash slowly began to disappear as if knitting itself back together. He gasped and rubbed his eyes thinking he was dreaming but was brought back from his thoughts as he felt a burning spread across his palm. He looked down and saw something that truly freaked him out. He now had the shape of a small crescent moon in the exact middle of his palm.

He blinked and slowly brought his other hand to rub over the new image on his skin before he felt something spread through his body. He suddenly felt as if every nerve in his body was on fire, burning him from within, as he fell to the ground, convulsing in pain.

"is this it… am I going to die" He thought as he rolled around on the floor waiting for the pain to stop. After what seem like forever to Tyler, the pain slowly receded allowing him to breathe and slowly bring himself to a semi sitting position.

"I need to get out of here and get help" he whispered unable to completely use his voice, due to all the strain on his body. He reached out to remove the chair that was still blocking the door only to stare at his hand in confusion. His nails were now much longer and were completely black. He gasped and fell backward landing on his butt but he rolled over quickly as he felt a sharp pain shoot through his spine.

"What the hell is going on!?" he thought as he reached to rub his back. As he lowered his hand felt something very furry and stopped  going wide eyed once again. He slowly lifted his hand clutching the furry object and brought it towards his face to examine.

"oh it's just one of my fake tails" he thought as he tried to get up. About halfway up he turned and froze as he looked the small mirror nailed to his wall. He started trembling as he looked at the eyes in the mirror because what was staring back were not his eyes. They were yellow eyes… the eyes of a wolf.

"Oh My GOD" he gasped and once again fell back onto the floor.  The same pain he had felt in his spine returned and he looked down and quickly rolled over. He was staring at what he thought was one of his fake tails, but was actually a  large grey tail coming out his pants.

"… this isn't happening. I'm dreaming… Yeah I totally dreaming" he thought nervously and again tried to stand up. As he got up he noticed another odd thing about himself. He looked down and noticed he was now staring at digigrade, standing on wolf like paws.

"well look at that, I've got paws now, when will this crazy dream end." he tried to walk and fell quickly, hitting his head on the corner of his bed.

"DAMNIT THAT HURT… wait hurt?" He thought and suddenly filled dread as he discovered what was happening must be actually happening.

"this… isn't poss-ACK!" he tried to say before he felt the intense pain return and quickly fade leaving a tingling sensation across his arms, chest and legs. "what's… happening… now?" he thought before he looked at his arms and saw his hair starting to grow. As it got larger he noticed that it wasn't hair at all, It was grayish fur!

"I'm losing it… this is just not possible." he whispered before being silenced by the pain as the intense burning returned and flooded to his head. Just like before, the pain faded slowly before completely disappearing and he was once again able to slowly stand up again.

"this is getting ridicul…" He froze as he brought his hand up to rub his head. During the pain his hand had completely transformed into something he knew all to well. A werewolf's paw. He slowly turned to his mirror and with his eyes closed, hoping not too see what he was thinking. As he opened his eyes he was greeted by the sight of a very large, silver furred, yellow eyed werewolf, wearing his favorite shirt and pants with a tail sticking out hanging off to the side. He then did what anyone would do in the situation.

He fainted.
Resubmission of a WIP Story from an old account
coolcat007 Dec 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
He yells a lot :D

Nice story!
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